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Mudassar Rehan

Project Designer

Mudassar is a registered architect with a Bachelor of Architecture. With over a decade’s experience working on a diverse portfolio of large-scale residential, commercial, healthcare and mixed-use developments, he has assumed multiple roles, across different project stages to deliver high-quality documentation, BIM modeling, design visualization and graphics.


He approaches every project with a strategic and productive mindset, readily adapting to changing demands. This flexibility allows him to continuously infuse his creative vision with fresh perspectives, ensuring all aspects of the design process remain dynamic and efficient.


Eager to expand his knowledge, skills, and experience, Mudassar remains dedicated to staying abreast of industry trends and advancements. Proficient in utilizing advanced software tools and BIM technologies, he enhances the efficiency of the design process and facilitates effective collaboration.


He also likes to ride motorcycles, he explores diverse landscapes, experiencing architecture in its natural context. This passion fuels his appreciation for the interplay between the built environment and its surroundings. The keen eye for detail honed on these journeys translates into his designs, ensuring functionality and responsiveness to the project's context.

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