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Brock Breaux

Senior Designer

Brock, aka “Brock-star”, brings ten years of healthcare design experience to the team. Since graduating from Ringling College of Art & Design, where he received his BFA in Interior Design, Brock has dedicated himself to expanding his creative talents, while sharpening his technical and project management skills.  He is originally from Thibodaux, Louisiana, and lives in sunny Delray Beach, where he enjoys the vibrant South Florida lifestyle.

As a team member, Brock’s greatest strength is adaptability, which makes him very flexible, and able to remain strategic and productive when the demands of his environment pull him in different directions.  This ability enables him to respond willingly to the demands of the moment, often recharging his creative efforts with a renewed perspective. Brock is not only a talented creative but a thorough project manager who ensures all aspects of his designs are meticulously detailed and articulated.

As a seasoned project designer, Brock has managed countless healthcare projects, from inception to completion. His creative talent and extensive experience have put him on the fast track to becoming a well-rounded, multi-disciplinary design professional.  He is currently on his way to receiving his interior design license, with goals of changing the way people see the world around them. When he is not in the office or in the field, Brock enjoys Cajun-style home cooking and a chilled gin martini – shaken, not stirred!

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